Dirty novels and bad coffee.

September 16, 2008

Hello all!

My, my, my… so this is what it’s like to be a real-life blogger, eh? Hm. It’s not as glamorous as I’ve heard, but then not much is. Of course, this is considerably closer to glamor than my old job, which involved things about which we will not speak. Suffice to say that taking skimpy little barely-there things off for money is surprisingly less upsetting than doing the opposite.

I am an aspiring novelist, but not the sort you invite over to discuss literature and sign first editions of my Pulitzer-winning efforts. I’m looking to join the dark side, that shadowy underbelly of popular fiction known popularly as “adult erotica”.

I write about filthy, nasty, ugly sex and I would like to make money from it somehow. So far, I have written one (1) twenty six-chapter erotic novel that totals up to around 80, 000 words, most of which involve girl parts and boy parts in various arrangements. There is some murder and intrigue, but largely it’s all fucking. All kinds of fucking. Even the bad kinds.

I think it goes without saying that I am an intensely boring person in real life. I have practically no social life due to my desire to write about things your grandparents probably still do. Relationships with the opposite sex are plentiful, but unsatisfying. I suppose that could be expected, considering how much I over-hype every aspect of a relationship, thereby rendering it automatically disappointing.

But we’re not here to discuss any of that girly emotional nonsense. This isn’t LiveJournal, for the love of Pete. This is WordPress, where we discuss mature things like politics, religion and, you guessed it, fucking.


One Response to “Dirty novels and bad coffee.”

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